Venus, Bridge of the Dog Star Sirius A Historical Analysis. THEA GIRARD MARSHALL

The autobiography of Harkhebi, a Priest of Egypt, consisting of an inscription on a statue from Ptolemaic period in Egypt states, in part: “he purified himself for them in their turn when (the decan) Akh rose Heliacally// beside Benu (Venus) from the earth.”
Is this evidence of the reality of the Egyptian concept of Venus as ‘the Bride of the Dog Star’? Ptolemy in his Almagest, Book 10, Chapter 4 gives the cycles of Venus as 243 years. Van Oosterhout in Discussions in Egyptology 27, pp. 83-96 discusses the reappearance of Venus as a Morning Star, specifically mentioning its apparent retrograde motion as a condition of its rising with Sirius every 243 years.

In Budge’s Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vol. I Akh-t is the first season of the year. Akh is ‘to bloom, to blossom’
The use of computer generated astrology programs makes it comparatively easy to pinpoint when Venus is rising as a morning star during the time of Sirius heliacal rise. Egypt, with its long history, provides an intriguing template with which to study this phenomenon.

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